Friday, September 28, 2012

The Castration of Packer Fans at Acme Continues..

One of my main criticisms of Acme Packing Company is the "Corporatization" of the site and all that that entails for the organic, bold, in-your-face (and at times ribald) discourse between Packer fans themselves and with fans of other teams.   The goal of SB Nation (being administered by the toadies who now run Acme now and other team blogs) is to create an antiseptic, politically correct blog that comes to resemble a cookie cutter ideal of something that is safe to advertise on (I suppose).

So out goes any sort of "edgy" spontaneity.  Thus, witness the spontaenous (and righteous) anger expressed by Packer fans in the aftermath of the Seahawks debacle.   A user by the name Packer3485 attempted to counter the inordinate amount of trolls bombarding the Acme site.   One particular troll, the supercilious, unctuous and unfunny blogger over at Daily Norseman, Ted Glover, trolled packer fans with his crocodile tires...

Packer3285 responded  understably by telling him to "go to hell" (we'll never get the full comment or context because it was deleted by Kevin McCauley Culkin (the man child head of Acme).

Packer3485 rightly responded:
Apparently we're not allowed to insult Ted Glover on this site.
I didn’t know Chris Gates took over APC. Fantastic.

Notice the 4 recs?  McCauley-Culkin, ever so sensitive at losing "the masses", responded in douchenozzle fashion saying "oh we can't insult anyone on this site".    Notice what a stupid, arbitrary amorphous standard that is?   What is the separation between a reasonable description of reality and calling out BS, versus "insulting" someone?  Who draws that line? Weren't we all insulting the replacement referees?  Didn't we all call them out and insult them?  Why are some insults OK and others not?

Apparently, we should all be OK with letting man-child McCauley Culkin figure that out (in his arbitrary way)

I’m curious. How can we phrase what Ted was doing without it being an “insult.” If we say he’s “two-faced” ….that’s an attack. If I say he’s being “dishonest”….that’s certainly insulting to him. No one wants to be told they’re a liar!
We’re essentially at the point where people are allowed to come over and be dicks here, but we aren’t actually allowed to SAY that they’re being dicks.

Packer3485, let me help you understand what happened here.   The reason man-child deleted your comments wasn't because they were "insulting" -- it was because THEY WERE DIRECTED AT SOMEONE YOU DARE NOT INSULT.   Man child has a stronger allegiance with Ted, who in the hiearachy of things is higher up than you or any other regular commentator will ever be.   He defended a Viqueen Concern Troll because of his STATUS.   They are both part of the same stupid hiearchy that is ruining SBNation.  

You are just a regular Packer fan expressing your passions in an authentic way -- something that makes a blog fun and interesting.   Not a priority in the Brave New World of politically-correct, corporate sensitive blogging.

Easy Peasy.


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