Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Low For Acme and SBNation

I've been *uber* busy the past week so I haven't been able to comment on all things SBNation (which means I had better digestion all week).

So I decided to go to the Packer SBnation site (glutton for punishment, I know) and after an interminable wait for the page to load, I go to the first story and find out that STROHMAN has been banned.

For the uninitiated, Strohman was BY FAR the best commenter in the history of AcmePackingCompany.   He was irreverent, incisive and never tailored/sugar-coated his message for anyone.   That's the epitome of a great football fan:  Brash, opinionated, but tempered with logic and reason.

And he was banned for voicing his disgust with the new SBNation format.  

I'm telling you, the morons running Acme (and since they approved by SBNation, they are moronic as well) are taking away the *character* and *passion* out of these blogs.   It's become watered down into something so bland and colorless --  I call it the "tofu-ization" of the blog.

And people are going to stop caring pretty soon.

Even I'm starting to realize my fight to elucidate the calamitous changes at Acme feels like "tilting at windmills"

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  1. Wow... Don't know what to say! I feel like a legend in my own little world. Calling me, BY FAR the best commenter ever is about as good a comment as I can ever imagine! Thank you very much for the kind words.

    In case you didn't know I was banned for calling the new site design "gay". McCauley thought that was being derrogatory towards gays... I don't quite get how calling an inanimate webpage gay is offensive myself! I wasn't going go out w/ a bang per se, till the panty waste piece of shit called me a dumbass in an email. Well knowing me, you probably realize I simply could not let that go w/o an epic response! So here you go... My response to him calling me a dumbass. ENJOY!!!

    Sorry, I wasn't aware that YOU were gay and offended! I knew someone who was gay very well and he threw the gay descriptive around liberally, both towards himself and other things, so I wasn't aware that others took it nearly as personally as you clearly do. Either way all you had to do was say you were gay and offended and I would have apologized. I guess I made the mistake that you were straight, even tho I guess in hindsite, I should have known better judging by your effeminate behavior and how you were incapable of acting like a man!

    I wasn't going to go this direction, but since YOU started the name calling, kinda like how Wiedman, always started the arguments, I'll just say this...

    You are a panty wearing, estrogen infected, no balls between his legs Eunich! I've never had the displeasure of running across someone like you and Wiedhead! Thankfully, I don't think I have to worry about running across a couple of panzies quite like you again! You are an absolute disgrace of a Man! You and the minions deserve each other!

    Hope you enjoyed it... Keep in touch!