Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh give it a rest...

For those new to this blog, click here for why I was banned from Acme Packing Company, SB Nation's Packers blog.

And as I suspected, Acme is throwing a tantrum after tonight's game.

Look, it was a bad call.  But you know what?  Bad calls are part of the game -- a bigger part nowadays because of the referee lockout fiasco.  And don't forget the following:

1) We got plenty of breaks from the refs as well against Seattle.   Don't act as if the bad calls were all one-sided.

2) MD Jennings should have punched/batted the ball away down into the turf.  Period.  As Gary Eller said on 1250 am postgame Green Bay "everyone is coached to do that from when they were a kid" (paraphrase)

But I've moved on.   Time to focus on New Orleans and time focus on these realities:

1)  We are now 3-4 over the last 7 games.   And in reality, we are really 1-4 since two of those wins were meaningless (Chicago minus Cutler, Detroit game was last of the season and we started Flynn, totally meaningless)

2)  Our offense looked invincible last year mostly because we did NOT PLAY A SINGLE DEFENSE RANKED IN THE TOP 10.   The top defense we played, KC, was ranked 11th...held us to 7 points through 58 minutes until we scored a meaningless TD at then end when they went into prevent.

3)  Our Offensive Line gave up 8 sacks in ONE HALF.   That's atroicious.   It means we can't do seven step drops and let our dangerous receivers have time to get open deep.   That's why we were relegated to quick hitters in the 2nd half, to negate the rush.

And I could go on.

We haven't solidified the LB position opposite Clay, the Safety positions (though MacMillan is improving) are still a concern.

And did I mention our offense is just plain sputtering?

All these are more important than one bad fluke call  -- but don't expect the Acme Packing Company brass to let off on this.   Maybe they'll prove me wrong...but I doubt it.


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