Monday, September 24, 2012

Two back-to-back dumb article titles on Acme

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Today is game day (or should I say game night) as the Pack take on Seattle in a matter of moments.   As I covered earlier , Acme blog has done a crappy job of covering this game from an objective standpoint (par for the course for them).

Even more laughably, in an attempt at "serious" analysis, today's Acme contained the two blog entries with the following titles:   "Packers need to establish a running game"  and "Packers need to start fast".   Wow, what deep thoughts!   As for the "the Pack need to start fast"...Well, duh...what's the alternative?  Starting slow?  Does any team want to start  slow?  As one commenter there accurately put it:

That the plan is always to start fast. I mean, its not like the team gets together and says,“Ok guys, what we’re going to do is stall on the first couple of drives and let the other team get a lead, and then we’re really going to turn it on.” Not trying ti be a smart alec, but I think that the Packers goal is to score every time they have the ball.


And as for "we need to establish the running game" to win.  Let's recall that last year we went 15-1 while averaging about 60 yards per game.   And many of those yards were disproportionately in the 4th quarter, when we were icing our win.   Objectively, it's WAAAAY more significant for us to "establish the pass" (!) in order to set up the run (!).   But the "cool kids" in Acme prefer to repeat the hackneyed slogan which has been around for decades and appeal to popular prejudices, but proven irrelevant over the past 4 seasons, if one cares to look at the stats.

Typical hackneyed "lazy" thinking...

Anyways, it's kickoff...go Pack go and I hope we can win this tough game!  


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