Friday, September 21, 2012

The stick in your eyes is way worse than the log in mine...

Or perhaps more accurately, the rocks in your brain will fill the holes in mine.

This past week after the blowout victory over the Bears (always welcome for us Pack fans who had to deal with the Bears crushing us in the 80s -- yeah, I still remember), those in the "Chat Hiearachy" at Acme Packing Company (the self-styled "cool kids") love to go on and on about Cutler and his poor sportsmanship when he was yelling and pouting at his teammates.

First point I have to make:   Acme'ers love to finger point at opposing team's players and their foibles as if those characteristics are foreign to their own players.   Secondly, and more importantly, they missed a very egregious example of the very thing they accuse Cutler, namely, Aaron Rodgers ugly tantrum against James Jones in the 4th Quarter.

Now Jones is actually known for this (running bad routes).   Matt Flynn's interception in his first NFL start, against NE, was because James Jones ran a very weak route.   Flynn, ever so cool as ice, stared a bit and walked off the field.   Granted, he doesn't have the leadership cache of a Rodgers, but he showed excellent leadership there.

Rodgers was just plain ugly.  A competent packer blog would have addressed this issue head on.   Instead, I had to rely on yahoo sports for their analysis, comparison and contrast of Jay Cutler and Rodgers.  You can read about it here .  They actually praise Rodgers for apologizing.  James Jones is saying that it's all good .

When you are winning, it's easy to brush this ugly incident aside.  That's why I always say, "winning breeds chemistry" not "chemistry breeds winning."   Winning helps cover lots of wounds.  But those are cuts and Rodgers yelling to Jones could breed resentment in the long runand it's also a signal to other players.   I think it's something to watch out for.

The incompetents running Acme Packing Company didn't bother to cover this story.

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