Sunday, September 23, 2012

Brief word on the upcoming Seattle game...

I was planning on writing on some ridiculousness from Acme Packing Company (about fan attitudes toward Packer coaching), but I came across a fantastic analysis of the upcoming Packer-Seahawks over at

He restricts his analysis to a  very realistic appraisal of the Packers offense, something you rarely see from Acme Packing Company or from Packer fans in general, even outside that hijacked blog.  After reading Hawkblogger, here is how I responded to him below:

Yeah this is really eye opening! As a Packer fan, I am very concerned about this game. The Packers are 3-3 over the past 6 gamesn -- yeah, we've been struggling. One thing you neglected to mention, in that Kansas City game, the Pack played without Greg Jennings. But I don't think that was overwhelmingly significant.
The key with Chiefs, Niners and Giants losses has been their ability to rush just 4 and put 7 back and watch Rodgers and the Pack offense just lose patience. We are a big play offense and when teams form that umbrella, that cover 2 or even cover 3 umbrella (and disguise it well) our offense is VERY containable. And we are beatable, as our recent record suggests.
Even the Bears in the last game contained our offense, but what killed them was Jay Cutler's 4 interception which gave us short fields multiple times. Otherwise, their umbrella defense contained us just fine...
By the way, if you guys are facing lots of arrogance from AcmePackingCompany fans over at SBNation, don't worry. That site has been hijacked by faux Packer fans. Check out my blog site acmepackingcompanysucks [(dot]) blogspot [(dot] com , where I detail how I was kicked off that blog after four years of loyal and honest criticism of the Packers and their fans.
Love your analysis Hawk Blogger and take care!

It's something Packer fans need to get used to:  Defenses are taking the KC game as a  template and now amplying it writ large.  I still feel we are a dynasty in the making, but it's not going to be easy.   And the Seahawks are for REAL.  Look out for them come January.


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