Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ahh remembrances of things past...

OK this is my inital blogspot...and unlike those that stick a toe in the water before jumping in, I am going to sky(!)dive right into it, hoping I don't hit my head too hard against the bottom...

One of the most grating features of Acme Packing Company (and this is pro forma for various blogs that cater to irrational fanatics) is that you get lots of "rationalizations" of preconceived prejudices, but very little in the form "rational analysis".

For example, you get a lot of empty sloganeering like "you need a balanced attack" (Glad Truman didn't take that advice when he dropped two canteloupes over Japan),  Or "ZOMG you HAVE to establish a running game" (I think these people might be possessed by the ghost of Amos Alonzo Stagg).   These views are held with religious fervor, even though the facts OVERWHELMING point otherwise, as I will show in a future posts.

And when I presented these facts, it was "damn these facts, full stupidity ahead"  (One particular moron was a guy named Phoenician, doubtless an Obama voter...)

When studying phenomena on the football field, I try my best to develop a "theory of the case" understanding full well that theories can be falsified WHEN NEW FACTS arise.

One of the contentious issues that got these weak kneed, girly-men pack fans all angry was when I contended they were wrong in their denunciations of Eli Manning as being just an average QB. One particular knuckle dragger named "Weidman" even insisted Manning was inferior to Tony Romo (BWAHHAHAHAHA!).   Manning is clearly and obviously top 5, elite and just plain great.   A winner, a great passer under pressure.  One of the best playoff/clutch QBs in NFL history.   But even after being curbstomped by Manning not once but twice, Packer fans won't budge.  Not even after the NEW FACTS of him setting record after playoff record for things like road wins and 4th quarter comebacks, these numbnuts couldn't change their POV.  It's a form of severe immaturity and perhaps retardation (sorry Sarah Palin, I had too -- but love ya toots).

In short, this is what one encounters all the time over at AcmePackingCompany.  There are exceptions, like Strohman, but overall, it's just a bunch of rationalizers and people that put up stupid GIFs (virtually one and the same).

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