Sunday, September 23, 2012

For Those New to My Blog...

Welcome!  I am hoping this website will appeal not just to Packer fans, but those who have been rail-roaded by the increasing "politically correct" fascism that is dooming SBNation, as it hastens to join the middle of the road, yellow-stripe-down-the-middle, politically correct "corporatocracy" that is limiting so much speech nowadays.  (In other words, they want to sell out to corporate America).

So instead of the raw, in-your-face fandom that makes blogging so much fun and unpredictable, it's become as predictable, contrived and just outright lame as the lamestream media in general.

Briefly, here is why I was dispatched from Acme Packing Company, after 9,000 comments and four years of painstakingly following the team (including when the team went 6-10 in 2008 and I was like one of only 4 people during the game day live threads):

1) Referring to the NFL draft as a "slave auction" in the context of players being forced to play for a team against their possible wil, instead of the free market that most of us enjoy when seeking employment

2) Referring to the Vikings as the "Queens" -- (this is something that every packer baby mouths right after "Mom" "Dad" "Go Pack Go"; "queens" usually follows although sometimes it's "Bears still suck").

3) In the aftermath of Seau's suicide, I engaged in a little gallow's humor. Context: When it comes to death, some of us face this difficult life moment with humor, often of the wry, semi-twisted sort. I joked that he killed himself b/c he never won a Super Bowl. And I blamed the Giants for ruining his best chance.  (Waaah)

4) I labeled my critics on APC "soft like women" and was banned for being a sexist. This coming from a site that calls Ponder "Christina" and feminizes other teams' players.

Yep, for all those innocuous observations, I got warned and then finally banned!

So in short, that's basically my story -- but it doesn't end there.   After I got banned, countless new members have faced "the people's razor" (For you Francophobes, that was the nickname given to the Guillotine during the French Revolution), dropped by Kevin McCauley (The Robespierre of Acme Packing Company) and the rest of the Jacobins (Kevin, Devin, and a retard editor named O'Brien Schofield).

If you have faced similar treatment or just hate the general PC drift of SBNation then....WELCOME!   And by all means, chime in and voice your grievances.


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