Monday, October 15, 2012

Darth Rodgers, Aaron Vader, Obi Won Ka-Rodgers

Whatever you want to label him, He was the Jedi Master yesterday against the Texans...

Mark Twain once said "History doesn't repeat, but it does rhyme" or something like that.

So, flash back to Monday Night against the Patriots, week 7 I believe it was.  Waaaaay back in 1998.   Coming off our championship 1996-7 team, the Packers were struggling.   They were dead last in football stopping the run.   Raymont Harris (remember him?) ran for 100 yards each time for the Bears against us all ready in that season.

So we were really struggling.   What's worse, we were playing that Monday Night against the NFL's leading rusher (Curtis Martin).  Not to mention that Drew Bledsoe was either first or second in the league in +20 yard pass plays up to that point as well.

We were reeling and prepared for the worst....

Yet we went in there and dominated, winning by two touchdowns and making a statement to the rest of the league.  

And that victory started the momentum toward our inevitable return to the Super Bowl...

Back to the present.  This certainly *feels* like a statement game and very much in the style of previous Packer teams.   I hate to delve into the realm of psychology, but this team just plain and simply does better when it faces adversity (like the rash of injuries early in 2010 and our backs-against-the-wall/must-win-every-game situation at the end of the 2010 and on through the playoffs).

Woodson even said prior to the game the Packers were coming out "flat" in previous games...

So it seems that when our backs are against the walls (and we are on the road), the team gets serious and focused and just plays better.

Final thought:  Collinsworth nailed it.  I am baffled that Wade Phillips would play press coverage against our big physical receivers.   I feel our receivers are not that great at finding the open spaces in zones.   They much rather duke it out one-on-one in press coverage.   Teams have been disguising and using various zone/cover defenses (covers 1,2 and 3).   Taking away the deep ball has been a huge factor in neutering the Pack attack.  Finally, methinks Rodgers has a slight blind spot when it comes to the cover 2 linebacker dropping back into coverage.   Two interceptions by Urlacher last two years, INT by San Fran linebacker, and an INT returned for a TD by the MLB of Tampa (2009).  

Doubt we'll see that press coverage again...

Lots more to discuss...till next time...


Monday, October 8, 2012

How "Trickle Down Economics" Explains Packers' Failure...

When watching the Presidential debate, I noticed that the debate broke down to two themes:  It was "trickle down economics" (Romney) vs "Trickle down government" (Obama).

I would like to inject the "trickle down" theory into the debate of what ails the Packers, especially the why the Packers surprisingly went down  on Sunday against the Colts.  (I was going to call them the "young colts" but since a "colt" is by definition young, then, well you get the jist...)

Two people:   Greg Jennings and BJ Raji.

First Jennings. The Packers offense (I don't care how good they looked against the Saints, b/c Saints are just pathetic) has not looked comfortable all year.   And it's simply this, Jennings has been either hurt or out most of the games.   Without Jennings, you have the "trickle down" effect of having the best corner on Jordy, 2nd best on Jones, Nickle on Cobb, etc.   With Jennings in the game, it's the DIME on Cobb (Cobb is a rising star on pace for 70 catches), and James Jones on a nickel back (clear mismatch).   I really think it's that simple folks.   Take away Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Dez Bryant, etc, from their respective offenses and you would have a simliar offensive slow down.

BJ Raji.   Without his push in the middle and clogging things up, you had a weakend pass rush, which meant Capers had to blitz more, which meant less help in the secondary, which meant more completions etc.

By the way, can someone correct me on this one?  Jermichael Finley leads the league with most drops over the last 20 games (I believe it's either 17 or 18).   I really think he has a problem with "hearing the footsteps".  It seems to me he is scared of taking the big hit.   Anyone share that view?

In light of that.  I think I have found a solution for not hearing the foot steps.   Ear muffs.   Let's start a collection for getting him earmuffs.   I am wondering which of these ear muffs would look best on Jermichael?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

New Low For Acme and SBNation

I've been *uber* busy the past week so I haven't been able to comment on all things SBNation (which means I had better digestion all week).

So I decided to go to the Packer SBnation site (glutton for punishment, I know) and after an interminable wait for the page to load, I go to the first story and find out that STROHMAN has been banned.

For the uninitiated, Strohman was BY FAR the best commenter in the history of AcmePackingCompany.   He was irreverent, incisive and never tailored/sugar-coated his message for anyone.   That's the epitome of a great football fan:  Brash, opinionated, but tempered with logic and reason.

And he was banned for voicing his disgust with the new SBNation format.  

I'm telling you, the morons running Acme (and since they approved by SBNation, they are moronic as well) are taking away the *character* and *passion* out of these blogs.   It's become watered down into something so bland and colorless --  I call it the "tofu-ization" of the blog.

And people are going to stop caring pretty soon.

Even I'm starting to realize my fight to elucidate the calamitous changes at Acme feels like "tilting at windmills"