Monday, October 8, 2012

How "Trickle Down Economics" Explains Packers' Failure...

When watching the Presidential debate, I noticed that the debate broke down to two themes:  It was "trickle down economics" (Romney) vs "Trickle down government" (Obama).

I would like to inject the "trickle down" theory into the debate of what ails the Packers, especially the why the Packers surprisingly went down  on Sunday against the Colts.  (I was going to call them the "young colts" but since a "colt" is by definition young, then, well you get the jist...)

Two people:   Greg Jennings and BJ Raji.

First Jennings. The Packers offense (I don't care how good they looked against the Saints, b/c Saints are just pathetic) has not looked comfortable all year.   And it's simply this, Jennings has been either hurt or out most of the games.   Without Jennings, you have the "trickle down" effect of having the best corner on Jordy, 2nd best on Jones, Nickle on Cobb, etc.   With Jennings in the game, it's the DIME on Cobb (Cobb is a rising star on pace for 70 catches), and James Jones on a nickel back (clear mismatch).   I really think it's that simple folks.   Take away Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Dez Bryant, etc, from their respective offenses and you would have a simliar offensive slow down.

BJ Raji.   Without his push in the middle and clogging things up, you had a weakend pass rush, which meant Capers had to blitz more, which meant less help in the secondary, which meant more completions etc.

By the way, can someone correct me on this one?  Jermichael Finley leads the league with most drops over the last 20 games (I believe it's either 17 or 18).   I really think he has a problem with "hearing the footsteps".  It seems to me he is scared of taking the big hit.   Anyone share that view?

In light of that.  I think I have found a solution for not hearing the foot steps.   Ear muffs.   Let's start a collection for getting him earmuffs.   I am wondering which of these ear muffs would look best on Jermichael?

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